X-Ray Fluoroscopic Examination

Addressing the problems involved with analysis of complex devices, our Company inspects electronic devices, printboards and other components without damaging the product employing radiation and sonography, etc. whilst investigating product safety and quality. Both, miniature and large parts, can be inspected with CT, enabling numerous data acquisitions including, tomograms, stereoscopy, multi-point tomograms (MPR images) and more. Hereafter, we introduce transmission inspection technology with X-ray CT and microfocus X-ray CT.

Problems and Measures of Complex Device Analysis

Conventional X-ray examination mainly involved 2-dimensional transmission analysis using the transmission X-ray observation method rendering confirmation of complex device structures problematic. In order to countermeasure, our Company has established observation conditions and an image diagnosis technology tailored to specific test objects by means of stereoscopic transmission examination technology using microfocus X-ray.

  Conventional Measure
X-Ray Examination
Transmission X-ray observation method
  • 2-dimensional transmission image
  • Difficult structure confirmation of complex devices
Establishment of image diagnosis technology for test objects
  • Establishment of imaging technology with X-ray CT
  • Establishment of fluoroscope test technology with microfocus X-ray

Analysis Examples Using Micro X-Ray CT

Observation Example of Multi-Conductor Cable Ablation

With just external visual inspection interruptions in multi-conductor cables cannot be detected, however, using X-ray transmission stereoscopic views as well as X-ray CT analysis (3D stereoscopic models) wire break locations can be confirmed from all angles.

Example of X-ray CT Analysis of a Cellular Phone

With 2-dimensional imaging hidden locations are hard to confirm, but can be easily analyzed with stereoscopic and cross-sectional views thanks to X-ray CT analysis.

Solder Molten State Analysis Example for BGA Joints

We have observed the behavior of solder in real-time with X-ray transmission. Dynamic observations of heating conditions are possible with a device heating unit.

Analysis Aspects of X-Ray CT Observation Methods

X-ray CT inspection methods unveil detailed structures of complex test objects, such as electronic devices, printed circuit boards and other components. Furthermore, the delivered 3-dimensional data grants non-destructive inspection of chassis and packages. A rapid improvement of detection rate of defect factors can be expected compared with two-dimensional data imaging.

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