Reliability Test, Evaluation and Analysis

With a background of over 30 years of actual achievements and experience, we offer various reliability assessment tests of numerous electronic parts (ICs, chip capacitors, relays, printboards), units and materials etc., plus failure analysis of electronic components. Moreover, as an ISO/IEC17025 accredited recognized, independent test laboratory, our evaluations and analysis are those of a fair and neutral third party honoring the strictest preservation of confidentiality.

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Failure Analysis

Failure analysis of commercial electronic parts or devices in assembly process. This test process determines fault condition and investigates the cause of failure by means of characteristics measurement and various observations/analysis.

Non-Defective Analysis

Even electrically non-defective electronic components can be subjected to defects. Non-defective analysis is an analytical observation method by which unobvious defects are examined. On device level, we offer diagnosis of LSI process and investigation of latent defect presence.

Observations & Analyses

Elementary analysis of surface condition and cross-sections using optical microscopy or scanners, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), or micro electron analyzers. Simultaneously, we implement pre-treatment of cross-section specimen production. In collaboration with our Company's other business divisions, analysis of water extraction ion, infrared absorption analysis of plastic materials as well as temperature analysis, etc, can be performed.

Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing of electronic devices, densely packed circuit boards and other components using modern X-ray transmission tomography at high precision, also including capability of heat bias inspection.

X-Ray Fluoroscopic Examination

Addressing the problems involved with analysis of complex devices, our Company inspects electronic devices, printboards and other components without damaging the product employing radiation and sonography, etc. whilst investigating product safety and quality.

Environmental Tests

These tests for electronic components or mounted units involve thermal stress (temperature cycle, thermal shock) and mechanical stress (vibration, shock) to verify proper operation under environmental impact. After counseling, we propose test condition and manufacture test jigs.

Specific Environmental Tests

Tests for the purpose of examining durability of electronic parts under the influence special environments such as seashores, involving tests with gas, salt spray, dust, etc.

Deterioration Evaluation Tests

Accelerated tests by which the state of deterioration of electronic parts under use is determined physically or chemically to estimate product lifetime.

Endurance Tests

Long-term tests involving high and low temperature storage tests, high temperature bias tests, constant temperature and constant humidity bias tests all of which allow ascertainment of durability under extended stress. After counseling, we propose test condition and manufacture test jigs.

Failure Rate Tests

Life tests for electronic devices operating under specified normal conditions to determine the failure rate and observe fault condition. In addition, device failure analysis, as well as verification of defect cause is performed.

Evaluation for Lead-free Assembly

Lead-free mounting requires various evaluations regarding solder composition, terminal plating, etc. We perform overall evaluation of temperature impact during mounting, state of solder wetting and finish, mechanical strength, secular variation and observation/analysis of cross-sections.

Vibration & Shock Tests

We perform reliability testing involving vibration and shock simulation for parts and equipment in transport or otherwise subjected to mechanical stress, such as automotive/machine parts, electrical/electronic parts, parts for aircrafts and similar vehicles and machinery.

Dust Tests

We evaluate the endurance of automotive and electronic parts as well as units against suspended particles of dust in the atmosphere.

Gas Corrosion Tests

We perform endurance tests of the corrosive gas environment surrounding electronic parts, plated products, etc., and are equipped to examine four single or blended corrosive atmospheric gasses, SO2, H2S, NO2 and Cl2. In addition, by exposure of test objects to a dessicator of acid and alkaline solution we execute aeration tests for evaluation of corrosion.

Salt Spray Tests

Using neutral salt spray tests we evaluate the corrosion resistence of parts and products containing metals or plating and coating films.

Ion Migration Tests for Printboards

Recently, the reliability of electric insulation has become an ever important issue as device contact pitches and print patterns shrink. Ion migration tests evaluate a printboard's insulation reliability by monitoring resistance fluctuations during exposure to high temperature and high humidity (burn-in).

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Tests

We support performance assessment of ESD control, ESD countermeasure implementation support, ESD framework, equipment, etc, in compliance with the IEC61340-5-1/5-2 public standard for electronic components manufacturing. We evaluate various tolerance data and offer in-process ESD damage prevention control. In brief:

  • Analysis of ESD destruction mechanism
  • ESD control for production process, countermeasure
  • ESD protection circuit design support

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