Integrated ESD Service

Have you ever been worried by customer requests such as:

"We should like to have JEDEC-compliant ESD test results" or "We need you to provide us with performance evaluation of latch-up tests for automotive products."

and the like?

OKI Engineering offers ESD (electrostatic discharge) tests and latch-up tests as required for semiconductor devices. Our specialists, familiar with national and international test standards, are available for support about optimal test plans applicable to our client's products. Our Company received IECQ (Independent Testing Laboratory) accreditation, and is committed to provide high-quality ESD latch-up tests as a fair, neutral third-party organization anywhere, domestic or abroad.

ESD Tests/Latch-up Tests/Electrostatic Immunity Tests

ESD damage tests, malfunction tolerance tests, etc. of electronic devices and equipment based on various public standards (JEITA, JEDEC, IEC, etc.) are conducted as trusted tests of the Independent Testing Laboratory, IECQ. In addition, we offer various CDM test services with our FICDM test equipment.

ESD Countermeasures for the Assembly Process

We carry out a reproduction test, an in-process ESD examination and recommend a solution for ESD damage protection when ESD damage is concluded after an electronic device assembly process failure analysis.

Please use our inquiry form to ask for an introductory description of our in-process ESD countermeasure service.

General ESD-related Test Services

We offer general ESD-related test services custmized to our clients' needs.

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