Test Program Development

OKI Engineering provides services of test vector conversion from simulation patterns to test vector conversion for outmoded testers and test vector generation for general-purpose devices with unavailable test vectors. We newly generate test vectors from the data sheet and perform screening measurements starting from single piece quantities.

Test Program Development for Development Products

This case example depicts the creation of a test program for an ADC in development, including detailed characteristics measurements, such as temperature characteristics, SHMOO characteristic distribution, etc. We develop the test program upon receipt of the development product's design data and design and produce measuring boards as required for the measurement.

  • Logic & analog (AD converter) Logic section: provision of simulation data (VCD) Analog section: 12-bit ADC
  • Vdd = 0 V, Vss = -3V
  • 65µV/1LSB

  • Wafer H/L temperature characteristics
  • SHMOO plot (VccVIH/VIL, Vcc-VOH/VOL/•••)
  • Distribution characteristics for each parameter (lot and VTH dependent, temperature characteristics)

Test Program Development for Warehouse Goods
(Generation & Conversion of Test Vectors)

We extract specifications and standards of devices derived from DC characteristics, AC characteristics, and function property tests etc., and provide test vector generation service.

In case test vectors for general-purpose devices are unavailable we generate test vectors after pinning down as many characteristics as possible from the device and/or data sheet.

Test vectors can also be generated from device simulation patterns at development or design stage, thus shortening design time.

Furthermore, if you are looking at upgrading the tester of already measured devices, we offer to make comparative studies of the language and the function characteristics of both the previous and the new tester and convert test vectors accordingly.

IC Electrical Characteristics Test Vector Generation/Conversion

Actual Performance of Test Program Developments

Logic CPU (80386), DSP (TMS320P25), CAN (Am7968)
X86 Peripheral controllers
Memories Flash, E2PROM, SDRAM
Linear OpAmps, comparators
Individual semiconductors Transistors, diodes, photocouplers
Applications (including boards)
Wafer probing, final tests, characteristics evaluation (development, acceptance), reliability evaluation, screening (for aerospace defense, automotive)
ASIC, FPGA, CPU, DSP (32-bit), communication (CAN, FDDI, etc), video (120MHz), memory (SRAM, DRAM, Flash, etc.), linear IC, D/A, A/D (16-bit level, 1LSB=1.2mV)

Measuring Board and Jig Manufacture

Design and manufacture service of boards indispensable for measurement.

Probe Card Design and Manufacture

Design and manufacture service of wafer probe cards.

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