Soft Error Evaluation

These days, soft errors do not only represent a problem for equipment demanding high reliability such as large capacity routers and servers, aircrafts and medical instruments, but also for automotive and household appliances, in that need for wide-spread response becomes increasingly inevitable. We at OKI Engineering provide soft error evaluations for semiconductor memories.

Soft Error Test Service

  • We can easily carry out soft error tests with tractable Americium.
  • Specimens' operating conditions can be changed easily using an LSI tester.
  • We carry out everything from opening to measurement of the specimen.

Soft Error Test Outline

  1. Open and expose the IC chip.
  2. Irradiate α-rays onto the exposed surface and observe the behavior.

Soft Error Test Outline
Soft Error Test Outline

Soft Error Test Flow - Test Result (ex. SRAM)

Reliability Test
Soft Error Test Result (ex. SRAM)

  1. Obtain specimen
  2. X-ray examination of opened surface
  3. Manufacture of test board including test program
  4. Pre-operation check *1
  5. Opening
  6. Post-opening check *2
  7. Soft error test
  8. Report result
  • *1: Confirm soundness of unopened samples.
  • *2: Confirm absence of defects after opening.

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