Automotive Linear Device Evaluation

We offer evaluation using the latest linear IC testers to ensure that automotive devices can be used with ease of mind.

Deploying Automotive Linear ICs with Ease of Mind.

Are purchased devices already screened? Considering to use products with long shelf time? We offer optimum screening based on 30 years experience, performed in-house from the test program to final pass-fail judgement.
Trouble during power IC evaluation? Our Linear IC tester (WTS-700) enables evaluation of power devices.
Worried about adoption of new parts? Thorough study of adoption of new parts is neccessary.
We also support evaluation in view of man-hours and equipment.

Service Offer by Customer

Automotive Customer Test Program Characteristics Test Screening Reliability Test
Device maker
Set maker
Trading house  

Test-applicable Linear ICs

The wide range of applicable devices comprises:

  • AC/DC Power Control ICs
  • Precision OpAmps
  • Motor Drivers
  • Telecom Devices
  • Various Sensors
  • Analog/digital audio
  • Other small signal ICs

Case Study of Testing Various Electrical Characteristics of Motor Drivers

Having problems measuring IC output and control multiple analog and digital input pins simultaneously? Hereafter, we introduce an example of various electrical characteristics measurements of a motor driver.

Compared with conventional analog ICs, a motor driver contains complex logic and numerous analog I/O pins. Measurement requires input of various voltage values and waveforms as well as a high load current that burdens on the motor driver's high output sink/source circuits. Our company flexibly responds to the needs for measurement of devices requiring this kind of complex measuring conditions and circuits (Tester: WTS-700).

Features of the WTS-700 Tester

  • Power supply 60V/250mA: 24 pin (each containing voltage and current meters)
  • 40V/1A, 5V/10A pulse power supply: 2 pins each (each containing voltage and current meters)
  • 36V/28A DC outpt (1kW max.): 1 pin

Combining these power resources and meters, various measurements of high performance devices, which was a difficult task in the past, can now be easily carried out.

Testing Various Electrical Characteristics of Motor Drivers WTS-700 enables measurement of devices that require complex measurement conditions and circuits

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