Wintest WTS-700 Analog and Mixed Signal Device Tester

Capable of testing multiple devices in parallel across a two-station quadruple-unit system, the WTS-700 enables us to test automotive devices at lower cost thanks to increased throughput rates at higher accuracy. The four measuring sites of the WTS-700 include:

  1. a medium voltage, high current (36V/28A) unit
  2. a multi-channel DC unit for every single pin
  3. two medium-voltage units for different voltage and current ranges capable of floating measurements

Tester Configuration

Unit Performances
Analog Pin Measure Unit
  • 12 channels/board x 2 = 24 channels
  • Independent VFIM/IFVM/VM measuring of every pin
  • 14 bit/pin resolution, 16 bit/board
  • Delta-function adds ΔDAC output to the APMU pin
Medium Power Pin Unit
  • Two types for different ranges
  • Measures higher voltages and currents at an accuracy superior to APMU
  • Two-channel loading
  • DC and pulse measuring modes
  • Handles floating voltage
HPS High Current Unit
  • One-channel loading
  • High voltage & current VFIM, IFVM measuring
    (4 quadrant performance)
  • ±36V/28A = 1kW (MAX)
Digital Multimeter
  • Resolution: 6 1/2 digits (up to 1000V)
  • Input range: 0.1V, 1V, 10V, 100V, 1000V
  • Fundamental DC accuracy: 0.0015%
  • Fundamental AC accuracy: 0.06%

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