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Wintest WTS-700 Analog and Mixed Signal Device Tester

Capable of testing multiple devices in parallel across a two-station quadruple-unit system, the WTS-700 enables us to test automotive devices at lower cost thanks to increased throughput rates at higher accuracy. The four measuring sites of the WTS-700 include:

  1. a medium voltage, high current (36V/28A) unit
  2. a multi-channel DC unit for every single pin
  3. two medium-voltage units for different voltage and current ranges capable of floating measurements

Target Devices

Type Example
Operation amplifiers AD620, AD624
Regulators LM317, L4925
Drivers IR2110, IR2113
Hside switches VN920, VN610
Comparators LM139, LM339
Analog switches ADG411, ADG406
Motor drivers VN770K, L9947
Others Linear ICs, discrete components

Tester Configuration

Unit Performances
Analog Pin Measure Unit
  • 12 channels/board x 2 = 24 channels
  • Independent VFIM/IFVM/VM measuring of every pin
  • 14 bit/pin resolution, 16 bit/board
  • Delta-function adds ΔDAC output to the APMU pin
Medium Power Pin Unit
  • Two types for different ranges
  • Measures higher voltages and currents at an accuracy superior to APMU
  • Two-channel loading
  • DC and pulse measuring modes
  • Handles floating voltage
HPS High Current Unit
  • One-channel loading
  • High voltage & current VFIM, IFVM measuring
    (4 quadrant performance)
  • ±36V/28A = 1kW (MAX)
Digital Multimeter
  • Resolution: 6 1/2 digits (up to 1000V)
  • Input range: 0.1V, 1V, 10V, 100V, 1000V
  • Fundamental DC accuracy: 0.0015%
  • Fundamental AC accuracy: 0.06%

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