Tester Program & Device Testing

Based on our abundant record of achievements in evaluating highly reliable components for space and automotive use with high performance LSI testers, we offer one-stop LSI characteristics evaluation solutions which include high speed measuring, testing of mixed analog circuits, characteristics evaluation including elevated temperature on wafer level and test vector conversion/generation, creation of test programs alongside design and manufacture of test boards.

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Tester Program & Device Testing

List of Device Evaluation Services

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Test Program Development

We perform new developments, conversions and improvements tailored to meet our customers' needs. We draw up test vectors for commodity devices, such as MIL standard devices, commercial stock items, discontinued parts, etc., if original test vectors are unavailable. This is a highly efficient means of evaluating the soundness of commercial stock inventory.

Characteristics Measurements & Evaluations

Alongside testing at room temperature, we perform characteristics measurements and evaluations (AC characteristics ability, margins) under elevated temperature conditions.

Measurement Board Design & Production for 1000-pin class MCM

We offer design and manufacture services for test boards tailored to MCM package with pin-counts exceeding 1000.

12" TEG Wafer Measurement

Using a TEG, we obtain essential data for wafers.

Evaluation of Linear Devices for Automotive

With our most recent linear IC tester we evaluate automotive devices for untroubled use.

Draw-up of Test Vectors & Conversion

If unavailable, we generate test vectors for commodity devices, convert test vectors for outmoded testers and perform from simulation to conversion.

Evaluation & Measurement of Bare Chips

Assembly (packaging process) can be skipped thanks to the possibility of evaluation in bare chip state as directly delivered from the foundry bringing advantages such as reduction of assembly and transportation cost, assembly time and risks inherent to assembly and transportation.

Actual Performance of Major Test Program Development, incl. Boards

Wafer probing, final testing, characteristics evaluation (development, adoption), reliability evaluation, screening (aerospace and automotive).
ASIC, FPGA, CPU, DSP (32-bit), communications (CAN, FDDI), video (120MHz), memories (SRAM, DRAM, Flash), linear ICs, D/A, A/D (16-bit level 1LSB=1.2mV)

Test Board Design & Manufacture

We offer design and manufacture services for boards as required for testing.

Probe Card Design & Manufacture

We offer design and manufacture services for probe cards for wafers.

Wafer-level Reliability Evaluation

Reliability evaluation using TEG is highly effective for evaluation of semiconductor circuits as complex as products because it is difficult to narrow down process reliability problems in particular.


When screening and up-screening of commodities is a pain for customers using electronics for aerospace and defense applications, we will quote our best prices and delivery upon receipt of information as to quantity and condition.

Reliability Evaluation Testing

We offer various reliability evaluation tests in compliance with standards from jig manufacture to result evaluation.

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