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AEC-Q100 TestsAll tests are compliant with Automotive Electronics Council (AEC-Q100) regulations.

AEC-Q100 is a technical standard for various reliability tests for integrated circuits (IC) developed for automotive applications. We at OKI Engineering conduct all AEC-compliant reliability tests for automotive ICs.

AEC-Q100 Test Items

AEC-Q100 Environmental Stress Test

Referenced Standard Symbol Test Item Details
JESD22 A113
PC Preconditioning
SMD only; moisture preconditioning for THB/HAST, AC/UHST, TC & PTC
JESD22 A101
JESD22 A110
THB or
High temperature/high humidity bias test
Highly-accelerated stress test
JESD22 A102 or
JESD22 A118
AC or
Unbiased highly-accelerated stress test
JESD22 A104 TC Temperature cycling test
JESD22 A105 PTC Power and temperature cycling test

AEC-Q100 Accelerated Life Tests

Referenced Standard Symbol Test Item Details
JESD22 A108 HTOL High temperature operation life
AEC-Q100-0008 ELFR Early failure rate
AEC-Q100-0005 EDR Program/erase endurance, data retention (Non-volatile memory)

AEC-Q100 Package Assembly Integrity Tests

Referenced Standard Symbol Test Item Details
AEC-Q100-001 WBS Wire bond shear strength
WBP Wire bond pull strength
JESD22 B102 SD Solder wettability
JESD22 B100
JESD22 B108
PD Physical dimension
AEC-Q100-010 SBS Solder ball shear strength
JESD22 B105 LI Lead integrity

AEC-Q100 Die-Level Reliability Tests

Referenced Standard Symbol Test Item Details
JESD61 EM Electromigration
JESD35 TDDB Time-dependent dielectric breakdown (oxide film life)
JESD60&28 HCI Hot carrier injection test
JESD90 NBTI Negative bias temperature instability
JESD61,87,&202 SM Stress migration

AEC-Q100 Electrical Characteristics Assessment

Referenced Standard Symbol Test Item Details
User/Supplier Specification TEST Pre and post electrical stress test
HBM/MM Human model/machine model electrostatic discharge test
AEC-Q100-011 CDM Charged device model electrostatic discharge test
AEC-Q100-004 LU Latch-up
AEC-Q100-009 ED Electrical distribution assessment
AEC-Q100-006 GL Gate leakage

AEC-Q100 Cavity Package Test (Ceramic Package)

Referenced Standard Symbol Test Item Details
JESD22 B104 MS Mechanical shock test
JESD22 B103 VFV Variable frequency vibration test
Method 2001
CA Constant acceleration test
Method 1014
GFL Gross and fine leakage test

Drop test

Method 2004
LT Lead torque test
Method 2019
DS Die shear test
Method 1018
IWV Internal water vapor contents test

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