Passive Components Screening

As part of electronic circuits, passive components, such as capacitors, resistors, coils, etc. are important components. In recent years, semiconductor device technology made significant progress in terms of quickly advancing high speed and low power capability, in that stringent performance is also expected from passive components.

Since our establishment, we at OKI Engineering evaluate passive components, perform reliability tests, screenings, and numerous other test tasks and provide the following services:

Passive Components Screening Example

Reliability assurance for safe use of passive components by screening!

  • Do you consider use of components after long shelf time?
  • Do you consider procurement of components from the market other than in regular ways?
  • Do you have purchased components with elder date code?

Passive Component Screening Flow Example

Passive component screening example

Example of Representative Passive Component Measurement Criteria

Component Screening Items
Capacitor Electrostatic capacity, dielectric loss tangent, Q-factor, insulation resistance, leakage current, ESR, etc.
Resistor Resistor value
Coil Inductance/Q-factor/SRF/DC resistance/impedance, etc.

Example of Screening with Specific Criteria

Item Measurement Criteria
Parts ranking by characteristics values

In case of a capacitor (1000pF ±5%)
Three-rank screening of electrostatic capacity:
A-rank: ~989pF, B-rank: 990~1010pF, C-rank: 1011pF~

Screening under specific temperatures (high/low) Screening of electrostatic capacity at -55°C and 125°C, dielectric loss tangent measurement.
Insulation resistance screening at 125°C.
Further screenings Screenings in accordance with customer-specified conditions.

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