Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer

Semiconductor Device Analyzer B1500A (Agilent Technologies)

We have expanded our range of TEG evaluations with a newly acquired tester. Thanks to this newly acquired semiconductor device parameter analyzer, B1500A, manufacured by Agilent Technologies, we are equipped and prepared to carry out charge pumping by means of NBTI, PGU and capacitance measurement using CMU, in addition to track-records collecting TZDB, TDDB, plus Tr characteristic degradation tests with hot carriers.


B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer

  • High power (HP) SMU
  • High resolution (HR) SMU
  • Pulse generadtor unit, PGU
  • Capacitance measurement unit, CMU

Extended Possibilities

  • Possibility of "Timing On-the-Fly NBTI test" which can lower the recovery phenomenon on returning from degradation during stress OFF to characterization.
  • Thanks to the built-in PGU, charge pumping provides a better response than a GPIG controlled external pulse generator, and can shorten test time.
  • Allows direct measurement of the capacity of,the gate oxide without need for an LCR meter.
  • Parallel evaluation is possible vis-a-vis time consuming TDDB tests.

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