Vibration and Shock Tests

Vibration Tests

Predominantly employing sinusoidal wave (sine wave) and random vibrations, these tests confirm resistance to vibration. Further we perform natural vibration frequency (resonance frequency) measuring and endurance tests.

  • Vibration tester

  • Random waveform example

Compound Vibration Tests

Predominantly for automotive electronic equipment and ECUs, our Company also performs compound vibration tests which add temperature and humidity environment conditions corresponding to -40 to +85° and 30 to 98%RH, while cycle tests are possible.

Shock Tests

We perform shock tests in accordance with JIS or MIL standards and also correspond to half-wave sines, trapezoid waves, sawtooth waveforms and repeated impact resistance tests (vamp tests).

  • Shock tester

  • Sawtooth and trapezoid waveform examples
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Drop Tests

Drop tests for shipping supplies (packed goods) in accordance with JIS Z 0202 plus repeated drop tests for BGA and CSP packaged surface mount devices used in portable phones in accordance with JEITA ET 7409.

  • Drop tester

  • Drop strain waveform example

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