Non-defective Analyses

Non-defective analysis is a process of investigations ranging from observations of product condition or deficiency through to estimation of future failure risk, each and every step resulting in process improvement.

As a practical example, product quality comparision investigations are performed for LSIs, electronic components, printboards, etc and acceptance decisions made in accordance with various standards. Furthermore, non-defective analysis additionally helps extract process problems.

We evaluate by a "Process Diagnosis" which is based on proprietary evaluation items and criteria well selected from past failure analysis results and documents applied to the technique of non-defective analysis of LSI chips.

We are proposing this "Process Diagnosis" as an most encouraging means of selection of current devices with improved reliability.

Non-defective Failure Analysis Process
Example: deficiency detected by ultrasonic examination

  • Avulsion between package and chip
    The white portion denotes avulsion between package and chip
  • Wire bonding disconnection
    Wire bonding disconnection as a result of package avulsion
  • Deficiency by ion implantation
    TEM observation case at process diagnosis
    Residual dislocation in Si-board as a result of ion implantation

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