Non-Destructive Testing

We perform inspections of electronic devices, circuit boards and other components without damaging the product by using radiation and supersonic wave, etc., plus product safety and quality examinations.

Triggered by lead-free requirements, bump size miniaturization, etc, OKI Engineering addresses the demand for controlling solder wetting characteristics and void generation by analyzing joint regions with a microfocus X-ray fluoroscope including a heating unit and implements transmission X-ray based non-destructive examinations of solder molten state with real-time high magnification video observations.

BGA Observation Case

Microfocus X-ray fluoroscope

Equipment Line-up

Microfocus X-ray Fluoroscope, Device Heat Application Unit
Product Name Microfocus X-ray Fluoroscope
Manufacturer Toshiba IT & Control Systems Corporation
Inspection Method X-ray
Inspection Range Max. tube voltage 160kV (200µA) ~ 1200 times
Resolution <1µm
Max. Sample Size W300 x D300 x H50mm, max weight on board: 2kg
  • High-speed, high-accuracy turn table
  • 0~60° inclination, 360° rotation
  • Automatic tracking function
Application IC (dice bonding, wire bonding, resin void),
Circuit board (individual mounted devices inspection, mainly solder parts),
Mechanical parts (metal packages, ceramic packages)
Device Heating Unit Effective area: 50 x 50mm (W50 x D50 x H5mm)
Temperature range: +50 to +260℃ (direct heat system)


  • Enables non-destructive testing of electronic devices, circuit boards and other components using X-ray transmission tomography.
  • Visual point tracking inspection of densely packed mounting at high magnification which was difficult for conventional equipment.
  • Possibility of heat bias inspection of 50mm samples (circuit board).
  • Negative film imaging with EXM2-150A equipment is possible as before.

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