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Gas Corrosion Tests

Gas Corrosion Tests

We perform endurance tests of the corrosive gas environment surrounding electronic parts, plated products, etc., and are equipped to examine four single or blended corrosive atmospheric gasses, SO2, H2S, NO2 and Cl2. In addition, by exposure of test objects to a dessicator of acid and alkaline solution we execute aeration tests for evaluation of corrosion.

  • Gas corrosion tester KG-120

  • Gas corrosion tester KG-95

Aeration Tests of Corrosive Gasses

Aeration test for evaluation of corrosion resistance is possible by adding acid or alkali solution in a dessicator and subsequent observation of ambient acid or alkali gas generation from the dessicator. In addition, aeration tests make it possible to investigate special ambient gasses around materials and products, such as a silicon gas aeration test which confirms contact failure as a result of ambient silicon gas in relays.

Aeration test example with a glass desiccator

Aeration Test Example
Type of Gas Purpose
Ammonia Connector evaluation
Nitric acid Gold-plating evaluation
Silicon Relay contact evaluation

Examinations of specific environmental pollutions with various chemicals and solutions such as commercially available hydrochloric acids and oxalic acids are possible as well.

Equipment Availment
Purpose Model Manufacturer Major Specifications
Gas corrosion tester KG-120 (2 sets) Factk Ltd. Inner tank size: 500(W) x 500(D) x 700(H)mm
Temperature: +25 to +45⅝
Humidity: 65 to 95%RH
KG-95 (1 set) Inner tank size: 420(W) x 450(D) x 500(H)mm
Temperature: +25 to +45⅝
Humidity: 65 to 95%RH

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