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Instruments Calibration

Calibration Division Services


Entrust measuring instrument bulk calibration to us! From DC to high frequency, optical, IC testers, end-measurement machines, we calibrate measuring equipment from national and overseas manufacturers. We are certified by a recognition organization which is based on the Measurement Law, traceable by national standards. We realize high quality and precision, short delivery plus low cost.


JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System)

JCSS accredited entrepreneurs are audited as postulated by the statutes of the Measurement Law and ISO/IEC17025 and further certified by the director of the technology products evaluation foundation. In addition, MRA conformant organizations satisfy the requirements established by ILAC and APLAC (Accreditation number 0055).

  • NOTES:
    MRA: International Mutual Recognition Arrangement
    ILAC: International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
    APLAC: Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation

Inspection Reports & Traceability Charts

An inspection report is identical to a calibration certificate with a cover sheet. Individual certificates and schematic diagrams are subject to a fee, while traceability charts (overviews) are free of cost.

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