ESD Measures for the Assembly Process

When failure parts during electronic components assembly are analyzed and concluded as ESD (electrostatic discharge) damage, we perform replication tests, ESD investigation in-process, and propose an ESD protection solution.

Failure Analysis of ESD Damage Mechanism

There are many engineers having trouble with ESD protection during the assembly process, like:

  • "We know all about ESD measures but can't get reduction of ESD failure!"
  • "Our customers pressure on us claiming that our LSI's failure rate of ESD damage is higher than our competitors!"
  • "We cannot reduce ESD damage in spite of using an expensive ionizer!"

OKI Engineering have a broadly experienced ESD Coordinator (*1). We offer support service that we visit our client's assembly process line and /or the end user's process line where ESD damage occurred in order to investigate the degree of damage on site and recommend measures.

Also, even if no actual failures occur in process line, we offer on-site diagnosis service of potential problems with our client's assembly ESD provisions.

Furthermore, we offer the characteristics evaluations of various ESD countermeasure items.

  • (*1) ESD Coordinator
    ESD management engineer certified by Reliability Center for Electronic Components of Japan.

Support about ESD Management and Measures in Assembly Process

We support performance evaluation for "ESD management", "implement ESD measures", and "performance evaluation of the material and the equipment for ESD prevention", based on the public regulations, such as IEC61340-5-1/5-2, etc. We recommend ESD management approaches after evaluating various ESD margin of each devices.

Identification of Trouble Cause and Countermeasure Recommendation.

  • Conducting failure reproduction tests, we focus the location in the investigated line, sort out the ESD generation process with subsequent discharge process by means of on-site survey and provide an process measures/improvement plan.

Failure Reproduction Test

  • We conduct multiple simulation tests under different surge conditions to reproduce the failure symptoms of the damage occurred during the assembly process or in the market.
  • From the reproduced applied surge condition, we assume under what circumstances the surge ingressed and focus the target process of the on-site survey.
  • Failure reproduction test time can be reduced upon provision of analysis data to us.

Equipment for Charge and Discharge Investigation

Equipment for Charge/Discharge Investigation
Equipment for Charge and
Discharge Investigation

  • Our widely experienced ESD Coordinator brings along the required measuring instruments and performs an ESD amount test at the client's assembly line and/or end user's packaging process.
  • Similarly, detection survey of the discharge location is performed alongside the assembly process flow.

Recommendation of Countermeasure Plan

  • The ESD Coordinator identifies the charge and discharge processes, constructs the mechanism that leads to destruction and recommends a plan.
  • When possible, recommendation and execution of efficiency confirmation works (follow-up test).

ESD Management and Countermeasure Example for the Assembly Process

Target Category Client's Business Trouble Details Cause and Measures
ESD damage Amusement equipment manufacture LSI failure during board assembly process Frictional charge of control board storage case (acrylic case).
Recommend particular emphasis on ionizer installation.
ESD damage Contracted device assembly and manufacture LSI failure during dicing ~ cleaning process Charge the chip surface electrodes by rubbing with cleaning solution.
Recommendation of ideal cleaning liquid amount and cycles.
ESD damage COB (Chip on Board) assembly and manufacture LSI failure during dice bonding Frictional charge of operator and chair. Change chair material.
Recommend thorough handling and use of wrist straps.
ESD damage ID card manufacture LSI failure after photo print Charge card surface during the print process.
Recommend to change card surface material and installation of an ionizer.
ESD damage LED panel manufacture LED failure during assembly process Fractional charge of the LED's protective transparent resin.
Recommend to change material of the pick-up tool.

Process ESD Diagnosis

Resistance Measurement System (PRS-801)
Resistance Measurement
System (PRS-801)

  • The ESD Coordinator brings along measuring instruments for ESD counter-measure items when visiting our client's assembly line and end-user's process line, diagnoses whether potential problems with ESD protection exist and feeds back any issues to be improved.

Other Process ESD Measure Servives

Charge plate monitor
Charge plate monitor

  • We accept characteristics evaluation of each ESD countermeasure item (measurement of floor and wall resistance, evaluation of potential decay on human body by type of tools, measurement of the ionizer's neutralization time with a charge plate monitor, etc.).

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