ESD/Latch-up Analysis Test Service

At development stage, we obtain actual data of ESD and latch-up immunity of LSIs and, in case of failure event, we offer everything from analysis to reliable improvement measures. ESD and Latch-up tests are important reliability tests for mass production.

When ESD and Latch-up defects occur, proposed measures based on analysis involve revision of mass production schedule to safeguard the prototype period. Furthermore, analysis, mask repair, trial runs, etc., raise additional cost.

Here, at device development stage, it is important to grasp actual data and identify pending issues. By getting this data acquisition and counter-measures customer will achieve reduction of TAT and can assure stable performance after mass production.

Merits of ESD/Latch-up Analysis Tests

  • Merit 1
    Because during the ESD/Latch-up test we reveal pins in need of improvement and those with excessive tolerance margin, ESD/Latch-up measures as well as optimization is possible at development stage.
  • Merit 2
    Time required for measurement evaluation after ESD/Latch-up test can be shortened by using our company's tester. We also offer preparation of test programs, design of conversion/measurement boards and probe cards.
  • Merit 3
    Should we detect a problem with the device after ESD/Latch-up test, we will provide a combo-test service from analysis to improvement proposal.

ESD/Latch-up Analysis Test Flow

ESD/Latch-up Merit/Analysis Test Flow Chart

*1) Characteristics Evaluation service: PGM, preparation test board and probe card design.
*2) Actual Test: ESD, Latch-up test with Model 7000. Characteristics Evaluation with ADVANTEST test system.

Problem extraction:
In the event of failure, the problem is extracted by assessment of the failure level.
Damage analysis:
Characteristics of damage location and analysis thereof using dedicated analyzer equipment.
Damage mechanism analysis:
Presumption of damage mechanism based on characteristics evaluation and damage location analysis.
Improvement proposal:
We explain characteristics and mechanism of failure origin analysis and propose improvement.

Equipment Line-up

  • ESD/Latch-up tolerance test machine
    ESD and Latch-up Tester
    (Tokyo Electronics Trading Model 7000)
  • Characteristics evaluation measuement device
    LSI Test Systems

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