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Environmental Systems

Environmental Systems

We offer various analyses, measurement and support about gases inherent to production processes, such as semiconductor production exhaust gas processing machines, wastewater treating/recycling machines, optimum liquid processing machines, construction of plants and systems all the way up to operation and management commencing with water quality, soil and atmospheric research.

We offer solutions based on the results of our environmental measurements in offices, factories and zones. Moreover, we extend engineering support for improvements of safety issues and sanitary supervision.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Exhaust Gas Processor

Designed for special gasses, this equipment processes exhaust gas inherent to semiconductor manufacturing and is equally effective for improvement of environmental countermeasures and safety whilst simplifying maintenance.

List of Equipment

Category Methodology
APCVD TEOS isolation/absorption
APCVD Silane transverse wet process
Epitaxial TCS/DCS high-pressure washing
Doping PH3 / AsH3 high-volume airflow adsorption

Wastewater Disposal, Collection and Recycling Equipment

A wastewater collection and recycling processor constructed as a closed system by combination of CF, UF, NF, RO, IE etc., and specifically developed for environmental measure and conservation of natural resources.

List of Systems

Category Name
Heavy metals coagulating sedimentation, metal recovery system
F-series sludge system
Polishing CF/RO simultaneous use system
CMP membrane treatment application system

Surface-active Agent Recycling Machine

Surface-active Agent Recycling Machine

A filtration recycling machine for surface-active agents inherent to silicon wafer cleaning involving oil and SS. Combining the advantages of a high performance ceramic filter and a centrifugal separator, this machine is a fully automated cleaner, which does not only provide superb recycling economy, but also contributes to saving of natural resources and environmental preservation which is a key feature widely expected by today's manufacturing industry.

Water Cleaning Equipment

A compact size, fully automated inline device performing cleaning, rinsing and drying of the drainage system used for washing of printboards and BGA/CSP. It employs a low wastewater system by means of built-in RO.

Environmental Facilities Maintenance

Environmental Facilities Maintenance

Our periodic inspections of industrial wastewater and exhaust gas processors, component exchange based on endurance prognosis and repair do not only extend operating lifetime, but also prevent operation accidents, including machine stop, outflow of unprocessed water, unprocessed gas air diffusion, etc.

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