EMC Division Services

Tailored to our customers' needs, we offer comprehensive EMC and Product Safety Testing services in compliance with each test standard as a certified official EMC laboratory. Our measurements respond to a wide range including information systems (PC controlled periphery, exchangers, telecommunication equipment, etc.), production machines, chip mounters, semiconductor manufacturing machines, etc.), measuring instruments (flowmeters, thermometers, industrial measuring, etc.), medical equipment (blood pressure/cardiography equipment, medical appliances, etc.), automotive accessories (car navigation, air conditioners, etc.)and Railway-related equipment.

EMC Compatibility Measuring Services

Public Certifications

  • JAB EMC Test Laboratory accreditation
  • VCCI (Japan), FCC (USA) registered laboratory

  • Notes:EMI: Noise radiation, conduction noise, etc. produced by electrical systems thus interfering other systems.
  • Notes:EMS: Electromagnetic waves, such as magnetic field radiation, burst, surge, etc. affecting electrical systems.

Laboratory Data

Conformation of Standards

  1. CISPR/IEC (international)
  2. VCCI (Japan, information processing equipment)
  3. FCC (United States)
  4. EN (Europe)
  5. JIS T0601-1-2 (Japan, medical instruments)

Our Laboratories

  • EMC Center in Honjo, Saitama Prefecture: 20m and 3m darkrooms, shield room
  1. For EMC test(domestic apparatus)
    • Two 10m method semi-anechoic chambers
    • Two shielded rooms
    • One 3m method anechoic chamber
  2. For EMC test(automotive accessories)
    • Four electromagnetic wave darkroom
    • One reverberation chamber
    • Two testing room
  3. For Product safety test
    • One testing room
  • EMC Center in Honjo
  • 10m wave darkroom

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