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Since its foundation, Oki Engineering Co., Ltd. is devoted to reliability analyses, examinations and evaluations for telecommunications equipment and electronic application products as well as chemical, water and soil quality environmental analyses plus development of pure water systems, wastewater systems, and exhaust gas processing systems. We further engage in the examination of and measurement for assessment of certifications for electronic systems,such as EMC, as well as engineering services and measuring instrument calibration.

In order to assure us our customers' trust and satisfaction ever more, we are offering constant highly reliable quality with world-class fairness and transparency by means of acquisition of various attestations and recognitions by the IECQ Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components, Accredited Calibration Laboratories, the Japan Calibration Service System, etc., from the position of an independent, neutral third party.

Whilst enjoying our customers' satisfaction and trust by providing original services, support and solutions based on our worldwide recognized differentiated expertises with focus on the fields of reliability engineering and environmental technologies, both our growing Company and employees actively contribute to harmonization with nature, an affluent, prosperous society and human well-being.That means we contribute to "The goal to achieve a sustainable world" described in SDGs by our technologies and services.

We sincerely appreciate your continued patronage and understanding.

Yours faithfully

Toshihisa Nakai
President & CEO

April 2022

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