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Declaration of Independence and Impartialit

Declaration of Independence and Impartiality

We,Oki Engineering, hereby comply with Laws, Regulations,Standards, and Ethics, and maintain, improve our reliability based on Impartiality and Competence of testing, for all our clients and other interested parties to receive the value of our testing quality.

  • We identify, avoid, and manage any potential conflicts of interest related to the impartiality for our clients.
  • We ensure objectivity and transparency of testing activities.  We promote dissemination activities and provision of valuable information to increase our trust, confidence and value.
  • We ensure our employees and directors are not restrained from any commercial, financial, or other pressures which impact on testing impartiality.
  • We protect the confidentiality of information which have been received or arisen during testing activities, except for those requested by the authorities for the legal purposes.

Toshihisa Nakai
President & CEO
Oki Engineering Co,. Ltd.

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