Example of Power MOS-FET Measurement with WTS-700

RDSON Measurement of Power MOS-FET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor)
The case study hereafter shows an example of rise in resistance as pulse width is stretched during RDS(on) measurement within standard specified conditions.

Wintest WTS-700 Analog and Mixed Signal Device Tester

Since negative affects on measurement results due to heat rise by electric power is a nuisance to power devices, including MOS-FETs, the measurement is performed at short pulse width and cycles. For example, a pulse width of less than 300µs and less than 2% duty cycle.

In the actual standard characteristics, however, the maximum value of IDS is safeguarded by "DC". Therefore, the concern is whether RDS(on) really rises when using "DC". Measurement with the WTS-700 eliminate this uncertainty.

Characteristic Specifications
Test Sample IRL2703
Characteristics Max. RDS(on) time (60mΩ) at 12A, VGS=4.5V, however, pulse width <300µs, duty cycle <2%

Increasing pulse width

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