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Model Parameter Extraction for Signal Integrity (SI) Analysis

Evaluation of signal integrity (SI) is important because in a high speed digital transmission system the receiving digital IC will not function properly when the digital signal's waveform passing through the signal line is distorted. Although general SI evaluation and verification can be facilitated by simulation with an EDA tool, analysis of SI simulation requires device/part SPICE or IBIS models.

The models required for simulation are classified into four models as shown in figure 1.

  1. LSI I/O model
  2. LSI packdge model
  3. Discrete part models (resistors, capacitors, connectors, etc.)
  4. Transmission line models of PCB wiring patterns and cables, etc.

Model extraction object

Starting from RLC parameter extraction required for the simulation of signal integrity evaluation, it is possible for our company to offer SPICE- and IBIS format models (figure 2) by evaluating actual devices.

Equivalent circuit model configuration

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