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Pogo Pin / Probe Pin Evaluation

Pogo Pins (*1) and Probe Pinsare parts widely used when temporary electrical connections are required.
OKI Engineering performs evaluations of probe pins used for wafer testing, all the way up to probe pins used for high voltages, such as IGBT, etc., in the environment of their actual use.

  • *1:  A Pogo pin is an elastic probe loaded with a spring by which the tip of the probe expands and contracts. Pogo pin is a registered trademark of Everett Charles Technologies (California, USA).

Pogo Pin / Probe Pin Evaluation Service

Contact Resistance Evaluation of a Probe Card for Wafer Tests

Contact resistance of the Probe Pin and Au-padContact resistance of the Probe Pin and Au-pad

Evaluation with a mass production auto-prober in line with the actual usage environment (contact resistance, etc.) is conducted.

Target probe pin count:
10 pins
Temperature environment
150 degC max
Test cycles:
over 10,000

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Contact Resistance Evaluation in Low-Temperature Environment

Target probe pin count:
30 pins
Temperature environment
-50 degC min
Test cycles:
over 100,000

Contact Resistance Measurement Data
Contact resistance measurement data (representative sample)

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